On-Line Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling Testimonials

"Can I just say what an amazing difference 'School Appointments' made. Normally there are too many bits of paper going backwards and forwards between school and parents, so besides saving several trees School Appointments made parents evening exceptionally easy and smooth running this year. Thank you very much! Also I am not a technologically minded person and was immediately calmed by how easy the system was to set up and that you were always available to help if we needed you. The feed back from our parents was very positive and we will definitely be using the School Appointment system in future."

Nicky Treanor,
School Administrator, Knaresborough St John's C of E Primary School, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, UK

"Thank you for all your help in getting me started with on-line appointment scheduler. Our experience was great. Parents and staff members seem to be pleased.

One of our parents sent us an email:

Hi Rhonda, I just registered for my conferences - WOW! It was the easiest thing I have ever done! Incredibly smooth to navigate and only took a few minutes. Great job and kudos to all involved in setting that up. I wish all websites were that easy! I'll spread the word..."

Rhonda Ingram,
Springfield Township Middle School, Oreland, Pennsylvania

"This is our first time using the program for all our appointments. It was like someone had given us an early Christmas gift! Loved it!"

Joan Mullins,
St. Benedict School, Leduc, Alberta

"Glenburnie School has been using the School Appointments booking system since 2009. Prior to that, our booking system was a paper letter that was sent home, and had to be returned as soon as possible. It was the responsibility of the homeroom teacher to book all interviews including those with the rotary teachers. This led to planning times being used as teachers frantically booked interviews, co-ordinating with siblings' teachers, as per the parents' requests.

Since moving to an online booking system, teachers have regained their planning time back. The onus is now on the parents to book times that suit their schedules, rather than relying on the teachers. Very efficient!"

Below are comments from our teachers:

  • I love the online system. Before we used this system I would spend numerous recess and prep times trying to co-ordinate interviews with other teachers. I couldn't imagine going back to our old system!
  • All I can say is that it is a wonderful addition to our routines. It has saved me much frustration and time.
  • I really like it. It's very convenient and I haven't had any problems with double bookings.
  • As a staff member and parent, it worked out very well/easy for me.
  • Love it, love it, love it! It makes the appointment scheduling a 'no brainer'.

Alan Rickels,
Technology Coordinator & Grade 6-8 Computer Teacher, Glenburnie School, Oakville, Ontario

"Our Teacher Parent Conference went really smoothly thanks to We used to send notices with three time options and arrange suitable times for the parents which usually included a lot of phone calling to parents to finalize their appointment times.

Your program saved us at least several hours of office manpower by eliminating all that. It is so easy to use for parents and office"

Noriko Nielsen,
Office Manager, St. Paul School, Richmond, British Columbia

"I can't say enough about how easy to work with you were and how helpful you were. The system was not hard to set up and my parents are so appreciative that they have an easy way to schedule appointments. Teachers are clear on who is coming and when they are coming. It all worked extremely smoothly and the price can't be beat. We will definitely continue to use School Appointments online!"

Tom Daniels,
Principal, Oak Ridge School, East Sandwich, Massachusetts

"I sure do love the program. It is easy for the parents to book their own appointments and frees up hours of office work."

Beth Hettle,
St. Joseph's School, Victoria, British Columbia

"I just wanted to let you know that the school appointment on-line booking system was a great success at our school. The system was user friendly for staff, students and administration.

I was impressed by the support offered when there were any questions pertaining to the use of the system. I anticipate using this system in the future."

Thank you.
Angela Tuzi
Office Administrator, Dr. Norman Bethune C.I., Toronto, Ontario

"This is our second year of using School Appointments for our parent teacher interviews. The program continues to be very easy to use and we have received positive feedback from many parents. This year due to inclement weather we had to cancel our original night and create a new schedule. This was done seamlessly and parents were able to reschedule with ease.

We will definitely be utilizing this software in the future."

Shawna Hendrickson
Executive Assistant, John Maland High School, Devon, Alberta

"Parents were very pleased with the flexibility of booking teacher appointments through Cummer Valley's site. They were able to pre-register their students prior to the system going live, book on-line with a number of teachers from the convenience of their homes during evening and weekend hours. Parent instructions were clear and easy to follow. We would definitely recommend this program to other schools."

Sue Gaston,
Cummer Valley Middle School, Toronto, Ontario

"Organising Parents' Evening was always a nightmare which took at least a whole week of office time to complete. However since finding School Appointments we have been delighted at the ease at which all our parents were able to make their own appointments. It took only half an hour to set up and the feedback from parents has been brilliant. We could not recommend this system highly enough."

Ali Knott,
Office Manager, Western Primary School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

"We really like using School Appointments. It has saved a lot of time and effort. It has simplified the booking process. Our parents are getting much more comfortable with the process. We like that this program is made for school use. We tried another online booking program but it was just too complicated."

Michelyn Gallant,
Orchard Park Secondary School, Stoney Creek , Ontario

"The system worked really well and I've had positive feedback from parents, governors and staff. We will certainly use the system again. Thanks."

Richard Osborne,
Principal, Osbaston Church in Wales School, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, UK

"This is a very slick system that allows the parents and teachers active participation in the booking process. Comments from parents and staff alike have been highly complementary. You no longer require tedious clerical support to schedule your appointments. Mark Fester is always there at the end of a phone or email to answer any questions. Once you try it, you won't look back."

Jim Rutley,
Vice Principal, Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver, British Columbia

"We finished with our interviews tonight and everything went very well. Everyone was happy with the system. I heard many positive comments from parents. When I set things up with my secretary we thought a few of the navigation areas were a bit confusing and had to click around a bit to find the section we wanted. Referring to your instructions though got us through and everything went well. I am sure with more use we will get used to it better and things will be even easier to set-up. As of now I am planning to use it for all booking type schedules that we do for next year. It should work to set up for things like grad photo schedules where instead of a 'teacher' to pick from they would choose a day and then an open time slot - correct? I liked the ease of access and the email billing that came today. I will spread the word in our district to hopefully get you more business!"

Dan Blackburn,
Principal, John Maland High School, Devon, Alberta

"This software program as easy to use, yet complex enough to provide for flexibility in planning our appointments and breaks. I especially liked the interface for teachers and parents... simple yet effective. We will definitely continue to use this software program as it meets our needs."

Denise Davis,
Vice Principal, Burnaby Central Secondary School, Burnaby, B.C.

"I have just finished scheduling this round of Parent Teacher Interviews and I want to tell you how much this has changed my life! For 31 years I have been scheduling Parent Teacher Interviews by hand, in 2 large elementary schools and 1 high school. October and March have been absolutely the most stressful times for me! But with this new system, the pressure is off! Parents love it, teachers love it... but no one loves it more than I do! The system is easy for everyone to use and very efficient. Thank you!"

Karen Tubman,
Office Manager, Paul Kane High School, St. Albert, Alberta

"The system has worked flawlessly - again. I will write a testimonial - I think I said I would do that before, but this time I mean it."

John Dawson,
Vice Principal, David Thompson Secondary, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Clear Water Academy have been using the School Appointments system since 2010! The feedback we have had from parents and staff has been incredible. Everyone loves it and it is SO easy to use. Thank You for making our Online Parent/Teacher bookings so easy - and saving so many trees!"

Carole Hogan,
Clear Water Academy, Calgary, Alberta

"Another great experience of using your program for our recent Parent/Teacher Appointments. Similar to the last event, we had only one parent who called in for assistance. However, they solved the problem themselves before they finished the conversation. Easy to use, effective, and our parents and teachers would not do it any other way!"

Ron Nunweiler,
Principal, Chemainus Secondary School, Chemainus, B.C.

"This is the first year that we've ventured away from the pencil-and-paper approach to constructing a schedule, and I've been very impressed with School Appointments On-Line. It's very easy to set up and use; if you run into a problem help is just an email away with a quick response time. There are options for just about any configuration and combination of calendars that you would want to set up. And the cost is reasonable -$5 per calendar (teacher). Parents sign in, register their kids, and book the appointment times they want. Most parents were really happy with it -it even allows them to change their times as often as they like without inconveniencing anyone!"

Elma Kuntz,
Credo Christian Elementary School, Langley, B.C.

"Part of our school improvement plan for 2010-11 was to look at accessible IT options and solution packages for staff, parents, and guardians during interview and reporting process. Our internal leadership team dialogued and examined several application packages before looking closely at as a vehicle for helping teachers, parents, and guardians schedule interviews.

Having now used the system, we can honestly report that it is nothing short of amazing. It has a slick, manageable, and user friendly interface, requiring little to no IT experience to manipulate. With readily available HELP and FAQ documents to support the software; setup and deployment is seamless and we were able to schedule EXTREMELY complex and multiple interview calendars with ease. Our parents, guardians, and staff found it easy to use and trouble free (not to mention cost effective!). We would recommend this software package to ANY school. Take the hassle out of scheduling your interviews and sign up!"

Chris Gorczynski,
Vice-Principal, Deer Park Jr. & Sr. School, Toronto, Ontario

"The on-line system worked really well for us. The parents did set up all of their accounts on their own The biggest challenge was that they didn't realize they needed to set up an account. Once that was sorted out it worked wonderfully.

Thank you for creating such a good system."

Erin Dreeszen
Administrative Assistant, Denver School of the Arts - Denver Colorado

"The system worked great and saved me so much time.... Everyone liked it (parents, teachers). I must admit I was a bit stress to start with as I did not know the program (so I made sure it was as simple as possible one calendar for all). But next year (because for sure I will use your system again) I will split the grades (primary vs secondary) as the length of the appointments are different.

Thank you and all the best!"

Christine Fairburn
Secretaire Ecole Andre-Piolat, North Vancouver, British Columbia

"This year we decided to try an online interview system for the very first time. After a quick initial setup, we were ready to go. We had many parents email telling us how easy it was for them to book an interview. We're certainly going to use it from now on."

Manny da Luz
Vice-Principal, Winona Dr. Sr. Public School, Toronto, Ontario

"Parents loved the ability to see the appointments available and to select one that fit their schedule. Teachers felt much more "in touch" with their schedule - they could see on a daily basis which parents had booked appointments and prepare their evening session accordingly.

From the office perspective.... well, it was in a word SPECTACULAR!!! This will be the third time we have used School Appointments each time it gets better and better - the school community is becoming more accustomed to using the online service and the work load for the office staff and decreased dramatically.

All around it's a win/win situation (even the finance department was pleased with how cost effective this is!)"

Nancy Gauthier
Head Secretary, Timberlea Public School, Fort McMurray, Alberta

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that was a huge success. Parents were very appreciative of the ease and efficiency in setting up their appointments.

Thank you so much!"

Karen Coflin
Vice-Principal Prince of Wales Secondary, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I would heartily recommend the implementation of the Appointment Scheduling software available through School Appointments Online. We used it for the first time for our First Term parent/teacher interviews in November, 2010, and it was embranced by all parents and teachers who participated in the inaugural run. As the Admin person responsible for set up and information dissemination, I found the whole process relatively easy. After reading the instruction guide through, and playing with the software in 'trial mode', it was easy to follow the steps provided and set up our interview schedule. When questions arose, Mark was always available, either by phone or by email, to assist me. When I was ready to send home an introductory letter to our parents regarding our new online scheduling system, Mark provided me with detailed parent instructions to attach to the letter. We had almost no phone calls from parents, as the software is very user-friendly from the parent perspective as well. The comments we did receive were extremely positive. The only appointments I scheduled, were for parents without computer access. The difference in my workload was phenomenal - instead of answering phone call after phone call and booking multiple appointments, I had only a very few calls. The teachers were impressed with the reports they could run off and the parents were impressed with the ease of scheduling and the ability to print off their appointments, once made. I only wish this online system had been available years ago.

Thank you"

Sherry Perkins
Secretary, Leo Nickerson Elementary School, St. Albert, Alberta

"We had our parent teacher conferences last night and the feedback about the automated appointment scheduler was very positive from parents and teachers.

Thank you for working with our school as we 'bravely stepped into new technology'. We will definitely be using your system again... very efficient and user friendly!

Helen Plummer
Principal Vedder Middle School, Abbotsford, British Columbia

"We used the school appointments interviewing system and found it to be one of the easiest, most sensible booking systems available for mass appointment scheduling. The program was written for schools and the entire setup and operation of our interview scheduling was easy to establish and quick to manage.

Technical support was quick and very personalized. In fact some of my staff suggestions were incorporated into the scheduling program to add more school friendly functionality.

For the first time parents in my school can have complete control over their child's interviews. No more master schedules, slips of papers or all of the time consuming and tedious work involved in mass interview scheduling. My special education resource teachers were also able to be booked in as well as the system allows teacher and SERT to be booked together!

We had endless praise for empowering parents to go online and book their own interviews and my school council was 100 percent supportive. The website is customizable to my school colors and included the school crest. Parents and the teacher's union couldn't figure out how we were able to offer such an advanced and professional booking system as if we had designed it in house. Teachers liked it because they could monitor their schedules in real time and book out the times that they had other commitments.

All in all the system is easy to use, and well worth the cost per teacher."

William Grobe
Principal, Breslau Public School, Breslau, Ontario

"From my point of view, this system is among the best $$ I've spent this year. Not only did it streamline our process, but it provided us with some very valuable information regarding the parent traffic that night."

Darren Danyluk
Principal, David Thompson Secondary School, Invermere, British Columbia

"I'm really impressed with Compared to the cumbersome online system we used to use, was easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy for the parents to use. I appreciated the fast, personalized support when I had questions, but found that overall, the system practically ran itself! Compared to other companies providing a similar service, was also very affordable. We will definitely use in the future."

Amy Satterthwaite
Hodgson Senior Public School, Toronto, Ontario

"Over the years, I have tried several different Parent-Teacher Scheduler systems, and The School Appointments system is by far the best. It is extremely user friendly for all stakeholders: administrators, parents and teachers. We appreciated the flexibility in setting the parameters to suit our needs. Parents knew with certainty that sign up was truly first come, first serve as they had instant confirmation of appointments. Finally, teachers really liked being able to monitor their schedule as it allowed them to prepare in advance for each appointment."

Andy Wilson
Vice Principal, University Hill Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.

"Our parents really liked the system and they made a point of coming to the office on Parent/Teacher interview day to tell us so. We did not have any negative feedback -- only positive.

Thank you for such a great program."

Suzanne Lee
Secretary II, Ecole Phoenix Middle School, Campbell River, British Columbia

"School Appointments and Mark Fester. A combination for efficiency and service. Not only was our school pleased with the extremely school, parent and teacher friendly online appointments but it was a pleasure dealing with Mark."

"The cost was low and the service, high. Our parents and staff will use this again with our next set of Parent Teacher Interviews - and we've sent our praises to the rest of Sea to Sky district #48 to recommend this service with the greatest confidence."

"Great job Mark! Look forward to our next round of appointments."

Shelley Franchini
Clerical Assistant, Don Ross Secondary School, Sea to Sky District #48, Squamish, B.C.

"The system is a vast improvement to the paper-and-pencil booking systems that we have always used. The office staff at the school really appreciated the ability, with just a few mouse-clicks, to see schedules for specific teachers side-by-side in order to quickly find a series of appointments that would work for parents when they called. The web-based software was incredibly easy to set up and very "user-friendly" to use. We will definitely use this system again and again!"

Ryan Sikkes
Vice Principal, Vanier Catholic Secondary, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

"We found the school appointments system to be quick efficient and it saved our computer operator a significant amount of time. Additionally, the benefit of teachers being able to view their appointments ahead of time was well received too. Finally, I'd like to thank you Mark for being receptive to our requests and suggestions to help tailor the system to our specific needs!"

John Pusic
Vice Principal, Aldergrove Community Secondary, Aldergrove, B.C.

"Our school is in a small town and progress/change are not usually well received. I often joke that "we are allergic to change". Given this, I was worried about how well received this system would be and how many people would end up phoning the school to have my office manager enter the interviews for them. We did have a dozen or so of these requests but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall response. Most families managed it on their own and found it very user friendly. My office manager spent far less time entering interviews than she would have spent scheduling for the whole school under the former system. Parents who did come into the school were first directed to an unoccupied computer to enter the information themselves and most received this well.

Teachers loved the system because it gave them the ability to block off time before it went live to parents and everyone loved the confidentiality of the system. We will certainly use this system again in the future as it is efficient and also cost effective.

Thank you for all of your support and patience.

Tracy Tait
Principal, John Mahood Public School, Elmira, Ontario

"As an administrator, I found this program extremely easy to setup and easy to use. Parents really liked having control of their schedules. They could see their appointments at a glance, and could change them as needed without having to contact the school."

S. Maxwell
Administrative Assistant, DW Poppy Secondary School, Langley, British Columbia

"We will for sure be using this again. What a HUGE HUGE HUGE time saver for us in the office. Positive feedback from parents."

"So thank you again for your efficient help. Greatly appreciated."

Colleen Koop
Howe Sound Secondary School, Squamish, British Columbia

"Cariboo Hill Secondary School was very happy with your Parent-Teacher Interview scheduling program. We were very impressed with the extremely fast and friendly service, the ease of use, and the low cost. Parents commented that they loved this new system. We highly recommend this program for other schools to use."

Amber Seel
Administrative Secretary, École Cariboo Hill Secondary School, Burnaby, B.C.

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the system worked beautifully for gathering our appointments. With nearly 2200 appointments made and over 200 call back requests I can't for the life of me figure out how the school was doing this before."

"Everyone should use something like this to make lives easier."

David Mushens
Vice Principal, Burnaby North Secondary, Burnaby, B.C.

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